MY Freebie List

Well, you’ve seen the hubs’ list, so now it’s time for mine.  But before I reveal my 5, I will share with you what the hubs thought, after knowing me for 15 years, was my list.  Of course he went for the funny at first.  His first choice?  Abe Vigoda.  Ha ha, he’s old and irrelevant.  Very funny, hubs.  Then I told him to get serious and he could only really truly think of 3.  One of which was a definite possibility and will be discussed below.  The other 2 were Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney.  Um, no.  And, really hubs?  Really?  Fifteen years together and that’s the best you can do?  A drugged out, hang-10, bongo playing crazy dude and my grandpa?  Sigh. 

Anyway, without further ado, here is my actual list.  Let’s do this . . .

1.  Bradley Cooper

I have always thought he was a very attractive man.  When I first saw him on Alias, I thought he was adorable, even if at the time, like Sydney Bristow, I thought Vaughn was the obvious choice for “man I would choose to sleep with in a millisecond.”  Poor Will.  Then, I watched him again in a couple episodes of the very briefly run Jack & Bobby, followed closely by the next cancelled-too-early show, Kitchen Confidential.  He played the main character, Jack Bourdain, and he was quite a sexy bad boy, which made me see him in a different light.  However, he wore his hair super short in that show, and I like my Bradley much more tousled than that, thank you.  Then I thought he was hysterical when he played the asshole boyfriend in Wedding Crashers.  But it wasn’t until his very recent turn in the second installment of The Hangover that I realized how freaking hot and steamy he actually is.  Something about him in that movie just got my juices flowing, and now I am all about the Bradley Cooper.  Now if he would just stop dating all those skanky broads, he might be the perfect man.  Call me, Bradley!!

2.  Johnny Depp 

(c) Mathew Rolston

This one goes back to his Jump Street Days.  I have had a major crush on this man since I was a teenager, and that crush has never wained. 

He IS just happy to see me. (c) Bonnie Schiffman

I continue to find him sexy & bizarre & talented & eccentric & beautiful.  He is just so odd and gorgeous that I can’t help but love him.  Even when he’s playing a pirate and wearing more eye make-up than a Vegas stripper.  He has an unhealthy fascination with playing whacked out characters in freaky Tim Burton movies, but still, my adoration remains.  He is just the sexiest and most crush-worthy man I have ever laid eyes on.  Le sigh.

3.  Ryan Reynolds 

I know this probably seems like an obvious choice.  He is one hot and sexy (and thank you jeebus) usually shirtless man, so obviously he would be on the list, right?  Well, I don’t know if you have noticed the theme so far of this list, but I fall for guys early in their career, usually on TV, and then the world starts to discover how steamy my picks are and just jumps right onto the back of my own personal bandwagon of lust.  That’s ok, guys.  I’ll just keep being a trailblazer of picking the future hotness for women everywhere.  No thanks necessary.

Ryan was on 2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (before it shortened itself into the much easier 2 Guys and a Girl), when he was young and adorkable.  And yes, I know this wasn’t his first foray into television, but I’m not from the great white north, y’all, so that was my first experience with him, and not Fifteen.  Plus, that was Canada, so it totally doesn’t count.  Anyway, after the show, he starred in Van Wilder, a goofy National Lampoon’s movie.  Then he did a few indie flicks, Waiting . . ., Smokin’ Aces, etc.  But then . . . Blade:  Trinity.  This is when the current physique of Ryan Reynolds was born, when he was required to bulk up to be all ripped and man-meatish for this flick.  Thank you Blade:  Trinity.  Since then he has been starring in bigger and better films, and now he is a household name and a super hot commodity.  And completely gorgeous and drool-worthy.  Oh, and did I mention his abs?

But just remember, I saw him first.  I’ve got dibs.  Hands off, ladies. 

4.  Charles Kelley

I would bet dollars to donuts (mmmm, donuts) that most of you have never heard of him.  But, as has been previously mentioned, I am a fan of a good bit of country music.  Mr. Kelley is a part of the country band Lady Antebellum, which unless you are living under a rock, you have probably at least heard of.  He’s kind of like what would happen if Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling had a baby . . . a Ryan squared.  He is just so adorable and there is something about him that just gets me all steamed up.  He is yummy.  He’s also close to 10 years my junior, unlike the rest of this list, so lusting after him kind of makes me feel like a dirty grandma.  But I’m ok with that. (ok, I just looked and he actually just turned 30, but he’s younger than my little brother, so it’s still kind of icky.  Still fine with it, though).

Plus, when he sings, I am totally mesmerized.  There is just something about him as a performer.  Maybe it’s the groupie effect, but he is so soulful and sexy when he is up on that stage and I can’t help but want him to be singing to me when he croons, “I just need you now.”  Now, then, tomorrow, last Tuesday . . . whenever you say, Charles.  Whenever you say.  I’m there baby.

Ok, here’s where I had a problem.  Like the hubs, I had a wee bit of an issue with coming up with my #5.  It’s not that I couldn’t think of anybody.  It’s just that there were too many somebodies that placed about equally in my mind to figure out who to pick.  Here are some of the possibilities . . . the first is the one the hubs came up with:

Eddie Vedder

He is an obvious choice for me as I have loved him and his music for 20 years.  Pearl Jam is my favorite all time band and I have been crushing on Eddie for as long as I knew he existed.  Apparently when I start to crush on you, I am yours for life, suckers.  So deal.  Anyway, he was this young, fearless, high-energy, long haired, grunge singing rock star and I just fell head over heels.  This is the Eddie I first lusted after:

Fearless and crazy. Loved me a bad boy.

However, even though I still love PJ’s music, Eddie has morphed from that young exuberant rock star, into a more middle aged activist dad folk singer, which is not quite as much of a turn on.

Don’t get me wrong, he is still an attractive man and I will always love PJ, and let’s face it, I am also 20 years older and less sexy than I was when I was a cute young thing, so I’m not blaming him for growing up or anything.  But I just don’t know if I would want to sleep with him anymore.  So sad when the lust dies.

So, let’s move on to my next possibility . . .

John Cusack

This one goes way back as well.  Not as far back as the early 80’s when he was a scrawny little geek in movies such as 16 candles, Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer.  But definitely back to 1989, when the world was first introduced to Lloyd Dobler (Lloyd Dobler, alright!), and I fell hard for that sweet kid with the boombox over his head.  A good friend of mine used to invite me over to her house so we could watch the movie, over and over and over again . . . and drool over that super cute guy.  We actually knew every word to that movie and fell in love with Lloyd all over again every time we watched.  We were teenagers, after all, so what else did we have to do but watch movies and swoon over cute boys.

Since then, both John and myself have gotten older and grown up into bigger and better roles.  I no longer swoon over cute boys and he is a famous movie star who has been in many interesting and dramatic films.  So, same thing really.  I have always appreciated him as an actor, and he has rocked it out with his performances in faves such as High Fidelity, Grosse Point Blank (not a great movie, per se, but he is great in it), Con Air, Being John Malkovich (a truly twisted tale which he also rocked), Identity and most recently, Hot Tub Time Machine (which I did not see, but heard was hysterical).  The problem with all this maturity and growth in his acting career is that he has grown up as well.  Instead of that trench coat wearing adorable boy above, the current John Cusack looks more like this:

While Lloyd Dobler will always hold a place in my heart, John Cusack on the other hand has just gotten old and kind of puffy.  Not really list-worthy at this point, unfortunately.  Sorry, John.

Ok, so this is harder than I thought.  But I have to pick.  So here it is:

5.  Dermot Mulroney

This might seem an odd choice.  Especially since I’ve been going on and on above about not picking people because they have aged and are now too old to be list-worthy, when Dermot is actually racing towards 50 right now.  50!  But he still looks good for his age and he has never lost his sex appeal, as far as I’m concerned.  Strangely enough, I can never remember his name.  I always want to call him Kyle McDermot or even Kyle McLaughlin.  I don’t want to do any of them though, in case you were wondering.

I have thought he was adorable from early on when he was in Young Guns and then even more so in This Thing Called Love, an obscure country music movie starring River Phoenix.  Then, of course, he made it big when he was the leading and most wanted man in My Best Friend’s Wedding.  He has done a bunch of romcoms and lots of Westerns, but he has remained sexy throughout his career.  Not to mention that I love that scar on his lip.  What do they say about chicks and scars?  Yeah, totally true.

Well, that’s my list.  What do you think?  Good, huh?  Hands off my mens, ladies.

Ok, now it’s time to tell me your list.  Let me know below.

P.S.  Because of the massive amount of time it took me to compile these lists and the added bonus post I whipped up when I got the award earlier in the week, there will be no Weekly Whacked this week.  Sorry, folks.  I know you anticipate those every week.  I hate to disappoint, but I promise I will bring you some good stuff next friday.  You still love me, right?  🙂


35 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. povertyanddeath
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 09:07:33

    I found you on Wag the Dad. And I just have to say, I FUCKING LOVE EDDIE TOO. Pearl Jam is my favorite band and I am super pissed that I have never seen them in concert. The way that Eddie can get into the mind and soul of a woman in his lyrics almost makes me wonder if he’s gay but then I rationalize that Leo Tolstoy was a master at that and heeee wasn’t gay. SO there ARE some men out there that understand women. sigh. And, as is evident in my bliggity blog, I too LOVE me a bad boy! Well, It was nice to read you!


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 17:55:59

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Glad I could provide you with some appropriate eye candy! 🙂 I have seen PJ in concert a couple times and they are amazing. If you ever get the chance . . . go. You will not regret it. I find it hard to find anyone to drag along with me, so I have gone to far fewer than I actually want to. But I just love that Eddie. And yes, his lyrics are deep and soulful and totally touch me. Wish it wasn’t just his lyrics that touched me. Wait, what? Nevermind. 😀


  2. Kelly
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 09:25:37

    Yes, Yes, and YES.

    Your first three are definitely on my brother husband list, and interestingly enough, I’d have JD dress like Jack Sparrow. I sense some serious role playing going on when it’s his scheduled night. (Maybe I’ve thought about this a little too much, no?) I was more of a hair band chick, who was rather conflicted… let’s just say I had posters of Jon Bon Jovi (another brother husband), Poison (yeah, I know Bret Michaels is bald under that bandanna, and I don’t care – he doesn’t have to take it off, if you know what I mean), Sting (not as in The Police, as in the WCW star…lawl), and…. wait for it…. you ready? Kirk Cameron. With a hot pink background, wearing a denim jacket with the collar popped. Who couldn’t fall in love with a guy who was best friends with a geek named Boner?


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 17:57:59

      I absolutely had that page torn out from Tiger Beat and hanging on my wall as well when I was a teenager. I thought Kirk Cameron was dreamy back then as well. Now he’s just a bit too born again Christian for my taste. I feel like he would be trying to save my heathen soul whilst we were doing it, and that is just a turn off.


  3. lisa
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 09:32:02

    Meh…I’ll think about continuing to love you. We’ll see. Especially after calling George Clooney a grandpa. Puh-leez.

    It’s obvious the part of the brain that we share is not the part that finds guys hot. Yes, Reynolds is hot, but over the past few years he’s gotten plastic-y looking. I can’t explain it, but it takes away from the hottness. Oh and Eddie Veddor and Dermot Mulroney?!? Are you serious? Oh Misty, what am I to do with you…

    The rest of your list is pretty good, but definitely not the calibar of mine. What is my list you ask? Here you go:

    1. Bradley Cooper: I have to agree with you on this one. Was all about Vaughn when he was on Alias, so he was little more than a blip on my radar. Started thinking he wasn’t bad in The Wedding Crashers and He’s Just Not That Into You. Then I fell hard in The Hangover. He has the most beautiful eyes. *sigh*

    2. George Clooney: Yes he’s old-er, but I have loved this man since The Facts of Life. I followed him from there Roseanne, to Sisters, to ER and then his movies. I swear to God this man just gets hotter with age. Have you seen what he looks like? I see him and I don’t think “grandpa”, I think “holy yum”.

    3. Jason Dohring: You’ve probably never heard of him, but he was on Veronica Mars, then Moonlight, and now is doing a stint on Ringer. He’s way too young for me, but I don’t care. Love him.

    4. David Boreanaz: That man is sex on a stick. Plus his character on Bones, makes him even more hot (yes I’m aware it’s a character and not real life). I watch that show and all I can do is drool. It’s rather messy.

    5. Orlando Bloom: Typecast or not this man can weild a sword for me any day.

    Now that, my friend, is a freebie list. 😉


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:00:25

      Ok, that’s not bad. And yes to Bradley Cooper’s eyes. Did you see the picture I picked. How much is fucking the camera with those eyes? Yum. Also, Orlanda Bloom isn’t bad as long as it’s not Orlando Bloom in LOTR, because I just don’t go for that long blond pixie looking Orlando. Meh.


      • lisapollard965
        Nov 13, 2011 @ 21:36:47

        You better believe I caught the “fuck me eyes” on Bradley. I’m pretty sure they’re for me.
        Normally I’d agree with you on LotR Orlando. I’m not big on blonde men, but there is something about him in those movies. I don’t get it, but I try not to over think it. LOL


  4. mark @ yelling near you
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 11:12:27

    Nice list and you need to see Hot Tub Time Machine. That movie was the highlight of a trip back to see my family over Easter weekend in 2010. If we hadn’t gone to that movie, there may have been homicides.


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:01:41

      Totally understand trying not to kill family members during holidays. Totally. I will take your recommendation to see that movie under advisement. I have heard from multiple people it was hysterical.


  5. thoughtsappear
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 11:18:36

    Soooooo…I hate to break it to you but Johnny Depp is my future husband. A Facebook Quiz told me so. Please don’t break up my future marriage.


  6. Vesta Vayne
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 12:28:53

    tWhy is it that men think all women lust for Mathew McConaughey and George Clooney? It’s one of those weird generalizations, like all girls love pink and glitter.

    No Kyle MacLachlan? True, he’s aged so-so, but back in his Twin Peaks heyday? Whew!
    And not to get all True Blood trendy, but Alexander Skarsgard is ridiculously hot – I love me a tall Swedes.


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:04:27

      Wait, are you saying that I’m not required to like pink and glitter? Damn, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Please don’t tell me the same rule applies to Hello Kitty . . .

      I agree that Kyle was pretty cute in TP, but also kinda creepy, as that was the show’s vibe. I have never seen True Blood, but have seen this man you speak of. I agree. He is hot.


  7. Jen
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 12:55:01

    If things don’t work out with Nathan I have Bradley Cooper on speed-dial. That boy is 31 Flavors and then some –YUM! And I’m with Vesta: Agent Cooper was HAWT!


  8. prttynpnk
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 13:24:21

    I took John Cusack off my list becasue he looks like he’d get all moody afterward and want to talk politics instead of making me eggs benedict….


  9. Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 13:26:51

    Vesta, Alexander Skarsgard would be on my list, too. He was the first one that came to mind.

    I used to watch Fifteen! It may be just me, but I would have never guessed in a million years that the Ryan Reynolds on Fifteen would grow up to be the current Ryan Reynolds. That’s him on the left:


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:08:05

      Yeah, that pic does not look like a future super hot man in the making. Then again, lots of dorky teenagers go on to be hot men. It’s the cute as teens ones that usually disappoint you later in life.


  10. Ami
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 14:03:39

    #1, 2, 3, and 4…god yes! drool! Johnny has been a fave of mine since Jumpstreet, as well. My fifth is a toss up between Matthew Lillard (13 Ghosts and Scooby Doo….horror and comedy, the man is a genius) and Bruce Willis. The man is old enough to be my father, but he’s still rocking it.


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:09:43

      Matthew Lillard just seems too goofy. I feel like he would be cracking jokes instead of concentrating on my pleasure. Bruce has never done it for me at all.


  11. Johi
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 15:40:36

    It’s a solid list, Misty. Good job. Bradley Cooper looks so tasty.
    P.S. My ex looks like that guy from Lady Antebellum so I have a hard time liking him (but I like their music). I’ve heard Mr. Kelley in interviews and he doesn’t sound like a douche so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:10:59

      I know. Isn’t that the best pic of him. Yummy.

      Wow, you dated some hot men then, huh? Shame about the hot to douche factor though. Tends to be on the high scale, unfortunately.


  12. lazysubculturalgirl
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 20:01:50

    I’m completely unmoved by your list. I think it’s because you started with Bradley Cooper, who looks exactly like the guy I took to sophomore year Winter Formal. He turned out to be the worst kisser ever, which I thought was just bad luck until I compared notes with my friend who dated him later and…..yep. Worst kisser ever.


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:12:14

      Wow, a hot guy who can’t kiss is the worst. Apparently he didn’t get better with practice, huh?

      And of course you don’t like the list . . . they are all actual people and not characters in sci-fi shows! Duh.


  13. Team Suzanne
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 22:44:26

    I agree it’s a solid list. That said, I think Ryan Reynolds’ abs have gone off the deep end. The kind of self-absorption it would take to get those abs is a real buzz-kill.

    Johnny Depp can do no wrong. And he should give imperfect men everywhere hope. He is, strucuturally, not perfect. But it’s not perfect abs, or GQ bone structure, or model perfect hair. It’s your total package, your thang, your mojo that makes you hot. And imperfect men can work the mojo, for shizzle.

    But, if we’re gonna talk about structurally perfect, over the top abs and a mojo to match–let’s add Lenny Kravitz to the list.


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:14:12

      Yes, I agree that he probably spends about 12 hours a day in the gym, but as long as he could spare just a little time for our rendezvous, I don’t care what else he does with his life.

      I agree about Johnny, it is totally the mojo that makes him hot.

      Lenny Kravitz is hot, but I have never been a fan of his music. But yes, mojo to spare, my friend. Good choice there.


  14. Sandra
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 23:57:16

    This was definitely an eye-candy post, however, I was sad to note, that Edward Cullen wasn’t on the list. How can he not make the list? He gets shiny in the sunlight???


  15. Paula @ thewilyweez
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 09:28:17

    I’m down with all of those fine men, except your number 5 options…I imagine John Cusack would either be really selfish in bed or he would do something weird like cry towards the end.


  16. Danielle Geer (@deathbycupakes)
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 12:14:34

    I love John Cusack. I love Ryan Reynolds.

    They would both def be on my list.

    But Johnnie Depp?


    Just… No.

    He has skeeved me out since Edward Scissorhands. I hated that movie and I haven’t been able to get that creepy image of his little bow-lips out of my brain every time I look at him.


    I’m way into geek love…

    Matthew Gublar on Criminal Minds… come to mama.

    And bring your tall, dark friend, Shemar Moore, if you don’t mind.

    I also have a little time for Fatty Lovin’… don’t judge me, but I do so love me some Kevin James. It’s so wrong that it’s got to be right.


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:17:51

      My hubs looks kinda like Kevin James. I’ll just leave it at that.

      Also, Matthew Gublar is adorable, but just seems too young and dorky to lust over. Shemar Moore on the other hand . . . he is a tall dark drink of yum. I concur my friend.


  17. Grammy
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 01:25:52

    Ummmm……Misty, I’m 12 years older than my Hubs….Ain’t nuthin wrong with getting ’em young and and training ’em to be just the way you like ’em! I highly recommend a younger man to EVERYONE!


    • mistyslaws
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 18:20:05

      Good for you girl. As long as you can train ’em. I’ve found the younguns to be a bit too immature for my taste. I likes ’em older. The hubs is 7 years my senior and it works for me.


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