Do you like Piña Coladas?

Or getting caught in the rain?

No.  As a matter of fact, I do not.

But what I do like?


Yes, I know.  I’m not one of those touchy feely rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and long walks on the beach schmoopsie-poo type girls.  Blech.

But . . . I have traveled quite a bit.  And I have had the opportunity to see some amazing sunsets.  And something about them just moves me.  I don’t know what, but I think the colors and the way the sky kind of glows and is just not quite dark yet, but is fast approaching it, and the way the clouds get all lit up and reflective.  It’s just sort of magical sometimes.

I know, shut up.

So, having an abundance of absolutely nothing to post about today, I decided that I would post some recent pics I have been taking on my way home of the sunsets.  See, every day in the winter, I drove into the descending sun, and sometimes got to see some remarkable sunsets.  So I started capturing them on film.  Some turned out pretty cool.  Some, not so much.  But, I have quite the collection now.

Granted, these are not going to be Key West Sunsets, or the sun setting over Point Loma in San Diego, or even the sun going down over the bay in Ocean City, MD.  They are just pictures of the sun setting behind clouds on my way home and sometimes from my front porch.  A lot of them are fuzzy.  Because I was driving.  But I’m ok with that.  I still think they are pretty cool.

If you have no interest in this shit, come back on Wednesday where I will be talking about Roller Derby.  Much more exciting, I’m sure . . .





























Not a sunset . . . but I thought the reflective nature of this building with the sky as backdrop and reflection was completely awesome.


View from our hotel room (in AC).


On the drive home from AC on my Birthday . . . the sky looked like this.



Ok, all done with my boring sunset pics.

I was going to close the comments on this, but don’t know how and also don’t really care if you want to lambast me in the comments.  I am definitely not looking for “pretty pictures” or “nice” or anything like that.  This was more for me than anyone else.  So, if you have something to say, feel free, but just know I don’t need you to humor me.  I know exactly what I did here, thank you very much.


Who You Calling “Cracker?”

Last week the family decided to go out to dinner.  This is a rare occurrence, but when we do go out, there are only a few places that we frequent.  One of them is Cracker Barrel.  Now, if you are familiar with the ole Cracker Barrel then you know.  Oh, you know.  However, if you’ve never experienced the wonder of the Barrel, let me shed a little light on this for you.  It is not just a restaurant.  Oh no.  It is a “Country Kitchen.”

This means that all the vittles are delectable southern-style dishes and are completely delicious, y’all.  My kids always scarf down all of their dinner at Cracker Barrel.  It is a lovely change of pace for mom because it means a) I don’t have to cook and b) I don’t have to yell at my kids for a straight hour to “take a bite!!”  This is the type of place that not only has down home cookin’, such as chicken and dumplings, chicken fried steak, okra, meatloaf, etc., it’s also the type of place that serves breakfast all day, so my son always gets a big stack of pancakes and eggs for dinner each time.  Most of their stuff is really yummy, but I will say that their macaroni & cheese and their buttermilk biscuits are to die for!  Those are obviously my favorites.  Carb loading for the win!!

But Cracker Barrel is not just a restaurant.  As you might have noticed from their sign, it actually serves double duty as a Country Store.  When we went this past week, there was quite a wait, so we had lots of time to peruse all the goods in said store.  I came across a few that were quite interesting.  First, there was a section with DVDs for sale.  This is what I found:

Who could it be?

. . . . believe it or not, it’s just me!!!  Try not getting that song stuck in your head all freaking day.  You’re welcome.

80’s Double Feature!

These were 2 of my favorite 80’s shows, no lie.  Michael J. Fox and Ricky Schroeder?  How can you go wrong?  And on sale even!!  What a bargain.


And the hits keep coming . . .

Sexy Blue-eyed Man Marathon!

It’s like a Magnum/Michael sandwich up in this joint.  If this place had a DVD player, I would have been all set!  Oh wait, I think I might be on to something.  TV Dinners!  Imma gonna go call the Barrel and let them know of this brilliance.  Be right back . . .

Ok, now on to some foolishness.  They not only sell movies, but lots of crafty/artsy home quilting type stuff.  This was one such thing:

Yes, it’s a bag.  Shaped like a fish.  Named “Winnie Finny.”  Isn’t that just precious?  Um, no.

They apparently not only sell to the crafty/kitschy set, but to ravers as well:

I’m really not sure what other purpose you would need for glowing fingertips.  Except massive entertainment while on hallucinogenic substances, that is.

Either that or maybe a helpful tool to find your keys in the bottom of your purse?  Something to freak out the cat?

Check that out.  Peas & Carrots Jelly Bellys.  I kinda wish I had bought them, just to see what they taste like.  I can’t imagine they would actually taste like peas and carrots, but who knows?  I’m sure that would be a favorite with my boys, if so!  Mmmmm, peas.

This is actually the outside of the restaurant.  It is an entire porch lined with these rocking chairs that you can sit in while you are waiting, and can also be purchased, if you so desire. They even have little kid sized chairs as well that are adorable.

Long front porch of the restaurant with rocking chairs.

This is also the type of restaurant that has all sorts of odds and ends plastered to the walls.  All old-timey stuff, like old phones and portraits and snow shoes, etc.

Snowshoes? Check. Old timey phone? Yep.

Which is also helpful when you have kids that get impatient waiting for their dinners, as you can play the “who can find the spatula?” game . . .

Right there —-^

So, if you ever happen to be driving along and see one of these wonderful restaurants, I would strongly suggest you drop in to check out the Country Store and to get some good home cooking.  You will not be disappointed!!  (Make sure you get some of the biscuits!  I’m getting hungry just thinking about them.  Nom nom nom).

Spreading the Love (Not like that!)

So, it seems as if recently I have been the recipient of a few awards.  Most notably, this Liebster thing that is currently making the rounds.  And whilst I greatly appreciate any form of flattery, as I have a very shallow pool of self-esteem (not baby pool depth, people, think . . . small indentation in the grass after a steady rainfall, with the sun quickly trying to evaporate that sucker.  That’s the depth of my self-esteem), I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the sheer volume of these things.  However, any boost to my ego is a fantastic treat indeed, and I shall do my best to graciously accept these accolades from my peers.  I’d like to thank the academy . . .  Ahem.  Sorry, wrong acceptance speech.  Moving on . . .

Really, though, just the fact that I survived my birthday unscathed and recently was inducted into Noa‘s League of Funny Bitches has me on a high these last few weeks.  So imagine my surprise and delight to have received a shit ton plethora of awards this last week.  One of which was actually on my birthday!  Holla.

The first award was from Becca over at I’m Pretty Sure That, and it is called the “Tell me About Yourself Award.”  (She’s rad and totally laid up with a leg cast because, well, she’s klutzy . . . but I still love her!).  Basically I have to tell y’all 5 things about me that you don’t know and then pass this award along to 3 other bloggers that I want to know something about.  I feel a bit deja vu about this award, and although I am insanely honored that Becca thinks enough of me to give me this award (and wants to know anything about me), I already told y’all some stuff about myself just a couple weeks ago in this post.  I don’t think I have anything else to give at this point!  So, why don’t you just go on back there, read all that good stuff, and then come back, k?  Cool.  (What do you mean “cheating?”  That is a dirty dirty word!  I am an attorney . . . I wouldn’t even know how to be dishonest.  Pfft!).

I will pass it onto 3 other bloggers I want to know somethings about . . .

Jules of goguiltypleasures.  I just recently discovered her and her slap bracelets and I think she is da bomb!  She loves her some Glee, has willingly redepicted a slushee in the face using her own face as the subject, and her dog is named Uncle Jesse.  How can you get cooler than that?  Since she is a new acquisition in my trophy case blogroll, I would love to hear a few things about her.

Brett of The Transformed Non-Conformist.  Brett is also a somewhat new acquire.  He has been commenting on my blog for a bit now, and I have enjoyed visiting his blog.  He is a former daredevil who wanted to be Lee Majors and has a budding love affair/engagement with another blogger that has been so adorably fascinating to watch happen “live” on their blogs.  Although a recent post had people coming out of the woodwork singing his non axe-murderous praises and giving lots of details about him, I would like to know more.  Share with the class, Brett.

Mark of Yelling Near You (Not At You).  Mark lives in Canada with his lovely wife Bitsy (who sometimes shares in blogging duties) and his adorable dog Louis.  He is working on cleaning up his office and has been posting status updates.  Although the last couple weeks have found him out of commission (possibly sick), his beautiful pictures, stories of Bitsy almost beating up the neighbors and/or other drivers, and the weird and crazy things he sees while out and about (near and dear to my heart), are entertaining and usually hysterical.  But I want more!!  Come back to us, Mark.  Give us the goods.

The next award I received three times!!  From 3 different bloggers that I hold in the highest of esteem.  I received the Liebster Award from Red of Doesn’t Speak Klingon (Brett’s fiancé), Ninja of Front Desk Ninja and Charity of Metamorphosis.

The Liebster Award is an award given to a blogger who is “beloved” by the blogger who awarded said award.  So, this means that I am beloved by the above 3 bloggers.  And with all blogging awards, there are rules that must be followed in accepting the award.  Here are the rules:

1.  Link back to the bloggers that awarded you the award.

2.  Choose 3 other bloggers to pass the award to . . . who have less than 200 followers.

So, I have fulfilled number 1, so let’s move on to the deserving bloggers that I will pass this very prestigious, and not at all made up, award to . . .

Dani from Facebooking from the Edge.  Dani is hysterical, inappropriate, klutzy and even more of Karma’s bitch than I am.  Never doubt that at some point in all of her posts, she will throw in a highly shocking and vision scarring picture, cuz that’s just how she rolls.  She was abducted by her husband Dan, and forcibly moved to Northern NY from her home in sunny Cali, and she talks about her new and exciting life . . . staying home all day with her 2 little dogs, visiting the local grocery store and either offending everyone around her or somehow injuring herself in the process of shopping.  That is if she isn’t falling down in front of her apartment or just hurting herself by getting out of bed.  Grace is her middle name.  Go check out her site, as she is one funny bitch.

Heather from Desperate for Something.  Heather doesn’t like Rick Santorum.  No, I mean she really really doesn’t like him.  But her site isn’t all about politics and the crazy politicians trying to take away all of our rights.  Nope . . . she talks about being awkward at yoga, trying to survive her wedding planning and her extreme and awkward experiences with the TSA.  She also really doesn’t like them.  Go give her some love, cuz she really needs it right now!!  She’s also pretty damn funny and lives in my state, so she’s got that going for her as well.

And finally . . . I’ve gotta give the last spot to my girl Carrie over at Cannibalistic Nerd.  She passed along some love to me a couple weeks ago by asking me to tell her 3 things about myself, which was pretty cool.  So I’m going to return the favor and award her this award.  Lest you think I’m just doing it because I think I owe her something, alas you would be incorrect.  I think Carrie is beyond funny.  Her posts make me giggle all the time.  She has reformed movie concepts to shorten those suckers to a much more manageable 5 minutes, she writes about the ridiculousness of her 2 dogs and talks about the adventures of the Super Friends every saturday morning.  Along with other random crazy stuff.  I love the way her mind works and the things she comes up with for her posts.  Go show her some love immediately, if not sooner!!

Phew, that was a lot of awards and spreading of a whole lot of love.  But wait!  That’s not all. I got one more award.  This one does not fit into any category, and in fact was wholy created just for yours truly by the incredibly awesome and most recent award winning blogger, Vesta Vayne from The Cowardly Feminist.  She was just awarded a very prestigious Bloggie for the Best New Weblog.  So it’s like she’s royalty or something.  And this is what she gave me:

Now for Award #2 – Misty of Misty’s Laws. I know y’all have seen her feet around the internet. I give Misty the Facts of Life Award. What the hell is that, you ask? Well lemme tell you. Misty is like the entire cast of Facts of Life rolled into one person. She’s Blair-fabulous, Jo-tough, Tootie-sassy, and Natalie-funny, with a dollop of Mrs. Garrett wisdom thrown in for good measure (wow, now that I think about it, Facts of Life was all about stereotyping, huh?). Anyhoo, there is only one song to go with this award, and y’all know what it is – (And this is where she posted a video of the opening theme song of The Facts of Life.  I love you all, though, and won’t get it in your head all day, UNLIKE VESTA!! I still love her, though.  And I really love that this made-up award did not have a requirement to pass it on, because, dude . . . I’m tired).

Anyway, I am truly honored to be thought of so highly by so many of my peer bloggers . . . so much, that they gave me all of these accolades.  I am humbled and grateful.  Thank you all!

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