And the Winner Is . . .

Well, it’s that time again.  Time to pick a winner of some awesome prizes.  These are the prizes in question:

And . . .

I received lots of responses from people that just had to have those bandages or really really wanted that magnet (unfortunately it is a small box of gum, not a magnet, so hopefully that won’t be too disappointing).  However, this was also amidst the time when my blog (ahem, WordPress, ahem) was being an asshole about accepting those less than worthy my awesome commenter’s comments.  I did say that if you sent me an email stating that issue, I would include you, and I have done just that.  So . . . Johi, Elizabeth, Fern and Dani . . . you are entered even though you couldn’t comment.  See how much I love y’all?  🙂

Unfortunately, I was unable to enlist the services of my crack name picker, my number one son . . . 6.  He was already sound asleep by the time I got around to picking the name.  So, you will have to settle for me picking the name.  I promise I was fair and picked a name out of a hat.

Well, without further ado . . . I shall announce the winner of these fab prizes.

And the winner is:

It is Elizabeth from Flourish In Progress!!!  Yay, Liz!  Woo-hoo.  See?  Even though my site hates you, I obviously do not!  I will consider this compensation for all those times you tried to comment on my site in the last couple weeks and were denied.  The fact that you were even willing to set up an entirely new email account just so you could comment warmed the cockles of my cold dead heart.  You totally deserve these bandaids and some gum.  Really.  I’m a giver like that.

Send me your address so I can send you these goodies.  mistyslaws at gmail dot com.

Well, thus ends my stash of oddities purchased at ye olde Metro Retro all those long weeks ago.  I have gone through my stash of raffle gifts to give out from that funky little store.

But!  Don’t fret, my pretties.  It just so happens that I visited another store just this past week.  And in that store I found some more fun items that I shall raffle anew!  Huzzah.

There were lots of funny magnets there, but I chose one that I thought was the most awesome to give to one of you:

So, you know the rules . . . if you want this magnet for your very own (and who wouldn’t?), you must do one of these things:

1.  Follow my blog.

2.  Like me on Facebook.

3.  Leave a comment on this post.

I will once again pick a winner in a couple weeks time.  Hopefully my son will be conscious this time so he can perform his duties, per usual.  That way it takes all the heat off of me!


Please note that this week is my kids’ spring break, so I will be away most of the week.  So, if I seem MIA in the blogosphere and I am unable to respond as quickly to your comments, etc. that is why.  (Damn kids and their “family time” requirements.  Pfft!).  I will return on Friday and will hopefully have time to jump back into the fray.  See you all then.


20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gojulesgo
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 08:35:40

    Wooo hooo Elizabeth, cc me when you send Misty your address, so I can steal those bandages. 😉

    Have an awesome Spring Break!


  2. thoughtsappear
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 09:35:15

    That magnet is awesome! I need to go back and get one!


    • mistyslaws
      Apr 09, 2012 @ 13:04:33

      It’s not from Retro Metro. I don’t think I saw it there. Maybe they sell it, too, though.

      I thought you didn’t drink coffee? But, you might win it!


  3. Brett Minor (@brettminor)
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 15:19:42

    We drink a lot of coffee in this house and would love to gave that magnet.


  4. bluntdelivery
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 22:12:18

    i’m back!!! i’ve missed you. and look what happens when i leave? people win stuff and i don’t.



  5. lazysubculturalgirl
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 22:43:46

    Happy Spring Break! Our district is run by goat blowers who scheduled our spring break for next week — the week AFTER everyone else’s. This is why we can’t have nice things.


    • mistyslaws
      Apr 09, 2012 @ 13:06:27

      That is odd. However, I might prefer it because then there are less people everywhere doing everything like there were last week, which was quite annoying. Then again, I hate people, so maybe it’s just me.


  6. jen
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 13:56:18

    Have a fab Spring Break. We had ours last week. . .it rained. . .of course.


    • mistyslaws
      Apr 09, 2012 @ 13:07:12

      Well . . . you do live in Portland. And it’s spring. I’m not sure how this was a surprise . . .

      It was chilly and windy for a bunch of the days here if that makes you feel better!


  7. wagthedad
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 00:37:53

    I deserve this magnet because I am still alive after the past month of having plague and also 12 years of working for an evil corporation.

    Now I work for a pharmaceutical distributor. Thank GOD pharmaceuticals have never done anything to anybody.

    OK, shit, so just give me the damn thing because this is the only coherent thing I am capable of writing right now and it’s pathetic.

    Oh, and have a nice spring break.


    • mistyslaws
      Apr 09, 2012 @ 13:08:52

      Wait . . . you work for a DRUG COMPANY?? Hell, that magnet’s yours!! I mean, for exchange of some goods, of course. Quid pro quo and all that, Shane. Send me some good stuff!


  8. Inappropriate Nat (@natsnaughty)
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 18:46:17

    I needed one of those bandaids just now, because my hubby cut the hell out of his finger.


  9. Inappropriate Nat (@natsnaughty)
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 18:47:16

    Also, I can still only log in with my Twitter or FB account. There’s bound to be something in your settings you’re missing. I wonder if I’m having the same issues on my own WP site.


  10. elizabeth- flourishinprogress
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 17:43:59

    How the HELL did I miss this????????? Wait, am I allowed to say hell on Easter? Am I going to hell now?

    Misty, I am so very excited by this. I LOOOOOOOOOVE BlueQ products. My house is stuffed to the gills with it. But, I don’t have these!!!

    Thank you for starting my week off right. Thank you for entering me even though I totally couldn’t comment.

    Love you.


    • mistyslaws
      Apr 09, 2012 @ 13:11:58

      I think you can totally say hell on Easter. I think you would go to hell if you said goddamnit, so you’re all good.

      You are very very welcome. I’m glad I could help improve your week! Enjoy.



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