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When I spoke to my friend Andrea yesterday, she mentioned that she was crafting her Tuesday post.  Having absolutely no idea what I was going to post this week on my own blog, I asked her what she was writing about, facetiously threatening to take her idea.  When she responded that she was planning on doing another of her weekly “random” posts in a series, I decided to not so facetiously steal her theme.  What do they say about imitation and flattery and all that?  Sorry, Andrea!!

This past week was a very busy one, containing yet another birthday necessitating celebration, and adding Mother’s Day into the mix as well.  The hubs celebrated his birthday this past Friday, and as a special birthday treat, I decided to take him to Charlestown Race Track in West Virginia and just basically throw some cash at him so he could bet on the ponies up there.  On our drive over to our neighboring state, the skies decided to open up and flood us with a torrential storm.  This, of course, caused massive amounts of traffic heading out to our destination.  Oh joy.

Once we entered WV proper, the rains had stopped (or more accurately, had yet to travel that far west), but the skies were roiling with storm clouds in one of the most impressive ways I have ever seen.

Picture 8854

Driving towards it, we could have sworn that we were viewing a far distant snow-capped mountain range, and not actual clouds in the sky.

Once we arrived at our destination, the skies opened up, making the race track very sloppy.  I had reserved a table at a restaurant overlooking the track, and we were treated to a front row view of the race track.

Picture 8865

You can see the table, the little TV which showed the closed circuit race happening out beyond the window, and the very muddy track itself.

Once we finished our dinners and had bet on a few races (and won!), the establishment very kindly brought the hubs a dessert to celebrate his special day:

Picture 8863

A little extra special birthday script made that key lime pie truly festive!

The next evening was to be yet another celebration of the hubs’ birthday, but this time it was a family event.  I had purchased tickets to a local minor league baseball game, and the special treat was that the first 1,000 people would get Manny Machado Bobbleheads (he’s an Orioles player, look it up!).  I had also called the ballpark ahead of time and requested that my hubs’ name be placed on the scoreboard to announce his birthday.  We were all set!  The only problem was that once again, the weather was not cooperating with us.  When it was about time to leave (we planned to get there early to ensure we all got a bobblehead) it was pouring down rain.  Thinking that we probably wouldn’t be going because of the weather, we all sort of settled in to the reality of staying home.  Then, only about 15 minutes later, the skies cleared and the sun came out!  So, it was game on, but we were leaving later than we had originally planned.  Nonetheless, we arrived at the stadium with plenty of time to spare . . . but not early enough to get the bobbleheads.  Drats!

Oh well, it would still be a nice night.  The weather was lovely, and we had amazing seats.  Second row, right between 3rd and home plate, and there was nobody in the seats in front of us.  Plus, the view was excellent.

Picture 8874

My oldest son is a huge baseball fan and was very excited to be at the game, and watched every pitch and every strike out.  My other son . . . was not quite as invested in the game.  Instead, he spent the majority of the game doing this . . .

Picture 8880-001

In the middle of the 5th inning, it was time for the birthday announcements.  So, I told my hubs to look up at the screen, and aimed my phone to take a picture of his name listed up in large glowing lights.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture the list of names on my camera because of the lights, and all I got was a glowing screen:

Picture 8895

However, it didn’t really matter anyway, since my husband’s name was not one of the four listed up on that screen!  Despite my best  and most timely efforts, for whatever reason, they did not put his name up on that screen.  First no bobblehead, then no name in lights.  He was a bit disappointed in this birthday celebration, to say the least.

Before leaving the stadium, we decided to stop at this kids’ play area near the outfield that had some carnival type games and blow up bouncy things.  Earlier in the evening, as the game was about to start, a sort of “local celebrity” threw out the first pitch.  If anyone watched this most recent season of The Biggest Loser, you might remember a young boy named Bingo who was on the show.  Well, Bingo threw the first pitch.  While we were throwing some balls in the kids’ area, I looked over and saw Bingo standing at a game immediately to our right.  I pointed him out to my oldest son, who had watched the entire season of The Biggest Loser with me, and knew full well who Bingo was.  I asked if he wanted to go up to say hi.  Being my introverted and shy son, he said no, despite my repeated attempts to convince him to go over and talk to him.  But he just wouldn’t do it.  Not wanting to push him into doing something uncomfortable, I let it go.

Yet, when we were done playing games and getting ready to leave the stadium, I noticed that Bingo was walking in front of us.  I asked my son once again if he wanted to meet Bingo, as this would be his last chance, assuring him that I would take the lead in speaking to him if he wanted.  He finally agreed, so I got Bingo’s attention and then told him that my son and I watched his season and were just so impressed with how well he did, and that we wanted to congratulate him.  He was very sweet and said thanks, and then I asked if he would mind having a picture taken with my son, to which he graciously agreed.

Picture 8903-001

Bingo & 7

So, at least the night ended with a fun occurrence.  Oh, but did I mention that my hubs had left us in the game playing area, while he ran out to get the car with my youngest in tow?  Yeah, so he actually missed out on this part as well.  It just wasn’t his night, apparently.  But then again . . . I did show him the picture!


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donofalltrades
    May 15, 2013 @ 09:05:52

    Geez, you can’t dawdle and expect to get a Manny Machado Bobblehead. They go like hotcakes! And good for you going into West Virginia on purpose. I’ve never been, but the several folks I’ve met from there have all made me want to literally hang myself right in the middle of having a conversation with them. Lol. Seriously though, minor league baseball and horse racing. Assuming I would be allowed to drink, I’d have had a blast.


    • mistyslaws
      May 22, 2013 @ 16:25:08

      I know! Hence the plan to get there EARLY that was ruined by the stupid weather.

      West Virginians can be quite . . . interesting. But the race track/casino attracts people from all the neighboring states, so it’s a mix.

      And yes, much alcohol was consumed, so you would have had a fine time indeed!


  2. renée a. schuls-jacobson
    May 15, 2013 @ 10:41:19

    Omigosh! And you make major fusses over your hubs, too? You two are truly a match made in heaven. I’m not big on b’ball, but I would have liked that view, too.


    • mistyslaws
      May 22, 2013 @ 16:27:48

      We are a good match. We both go overboard on birthdays. You’ve seen tales of my kids’ 3 day bday celebrations, no? Planning another one now. Oy.


  3. Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me
    May 15, 2013 @ 11:32:25

    Way to go babe, take a walk on the random side!


  4. She's a Maineiac
    May 15, 2013 @ 13:43:58

    My son would have been busy with his Nintendo 3DS the whole game. Typical, huh?
    Too bad about the hubs missing a few things, but you did get a great view.


  5. Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd
    May 15, 2013 @ 15:13:06

    Happy Birthday to your hubs! I’m sorry he missed out on the bobble head and screen time. That was lovely of you to talk to Bingo for your son, I’m the shy type that wouldn’t approach.


    • mistyslaws
      May 22, 2013 @ 16:30:04

      I’m shy in most situations, but I knew that he really did want to meet him. He had talked about going to this local park to meet him during the time of the show, and I had to explain to him about real time v. filming time. But yeah, I can take one for the team when it comes to my kid.


  6. pegoleg
    May 15, 2013 @ 17:46:26

    Thanks for sharing your random randomness in a delightfully random fashion. Tell your sons to lay off all the computer games. Staring at the screen too long has melted their faces into blurry little squares!


  7. Valerie
    May 16, 2013 @ 19:30:12

    Happy birthday to the hubby!!! Sorry it didn’t turn out quite as planned. But it was still an adventure, to say the least!




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