Two Anniversaries

Today is the anniversary of the first day I started my current hellish job.  Twelve years.  It feels like an eternity, but it doesn’t quite qualify for that status.  When I started this job I was a wee tot.  I was 26 years old, about a year out of law school, dating my husband (we wouldn’t be engaged for another month), and living in a small condo with my dog.  Kids were not even on my radar at that point.  And you know what?  I loved the job.  It was the first job I ever had that I was actually excited to go to.  I looked forward to getting out of bed in the morning.  And that lasted for a few years, which is quite a feat considering how jaded and burned out I am from the same job at this point.  But at the beginning, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my employ.  I wasn’t paid much, being that I was a public servant, but it was enough to pay my bills and was the first really substantial and consistent paycheck I had ever received.  Things were good.

Cut to about 10 years later . . . a marriage, a house, 2 kids, another house.  Life was different.  Fuller.  But now, I wasn’t jumping out of bed in the morning to go to work.  Getting out of bed was a herculean effort.  I was heavier, in many ways.  I was more weighted down.  And I was searching for something.  I didn’t know what I needed, but I knew that I needed an outlet.  A different path.  A distraction.

Thus this blog was born.  Two years ago.*  Actually, 2 years ago as of 3 days ago.  I missed the actual date.  I feel a little guilty that I wasn’t paying attention closely enough to recognize the blog’s actual anniversary date.  Sorry, girl.  It wasn’t an intentional slight.  I’ve just been . . . weighted again.

I never wanted this blog to feel like an obligation.  Something I had to drag myself out of bed to do, like my current job.  I love to write, I love the blog and I especially love the blogging community and the myriad of close friends I have made since beginning this journey.  I would never go back, and don’t regret one minute of my time as a blogger, despite the negative connotations that the word may have in general society.  As I’ve stated before, I found my tribe while blogging, and it was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time. It made me finally feel like I belonged to something, and that there were other outcasts and introverts out there that knew just how I felt.  I didn’t feel so alone anymore.  Like a stranger with my face pressed up against the glass of society, looking inside at the “normal” people.  I didn’t need to stand out in the cold any longer.  I had finally found my people.

All of this is to say that I just don’t really know what path this blog will take in its 3rd year of existence.  Maybe it’s just a pedestrian case of writer’s block.  Or possibly in my cyclical ebb and flow of creativity, I am in the far reaches of my ebb.  Maybe it’s just the heat.  Whatever it might be, I have not felt like I’ve had much to share lately.  I was trying to steer the blog in a new direction for a while, focusing on more actual writing, and less goofy pictures of people dressed badly.  I think I was moderately successful on that path for a while, but now the well has run dry of ideas.  I’ve been trying to dredge up something, anything, but alas, there is naught.

Seriously, that last sentence up there.  Could that be any more pretentious and dense?  This is what I’m dealing with, people. This is where my mind is.

So, for now, I would not expect much to come from the blog.  I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks, and hopefully that will prompt my storytelling juices to flow once again.  A trip to the beach with my crazy extended family is always good for a story or two.  If something strikes me before then, I will definitely share.  But I can’t make any promises.

And to all of the newbies who have recently followed me, I know.  Bad timing, right?  But I want to say thanks for coming along on this journey with me, even though nobody knows where it will take us yet.  And I promise that I will get back to it, and hopefully will produce something worth reading again.  It just might take me a bit to get back on that horse.  Hang in there, if you would.  To new and old, good friends or hail fellows well met, it may be a bumpy ride, but it will be one worth taking . . . at least I hope so.

See you soon!

*(If you are new here and want the full history of how I actually started the blog, check out my 1 year anniversary post).



75 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. renée a. schuls-jacobson
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 08:36:31

    Um, hello. It happens. So no worries. Just bop in rom time to time when you have something to say. I’ll still be here. Plus, I’ve got your phone number! And your address. And I’m your friend on Facebook. So you can’t shake me THAT easily. 🙂


  2. Go Jules Go
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 08:41:44

    Happy blogoversary (if a few days late), Ninja Snaps!!

    I think you nailed it when you mentioned the ebb and flow – I don’t know any creative spirit who hasn’t experienced those ups and downs. And LUCKILY, now that you’re with your bloggy peeps, we’ll be sure to remind you that you just can’t quit us.

    I love both your fashion disaster and ‘real’ writing posts (and think they both have a home here) – can’t wait to hear about your extended family antics!


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:26:54

      Yeah, I’m getting the impression that just quitting will not go over so well with my “blogging family.” 🙂

      Oh, there will be stories. My family NEVER disappoints on that end.


  3. thoughtsappear
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 08:44:30

    I was wondering if you’d already left for vacation since it had been quiet here. I’m glad you checked in.

    And yes, it’s the heat. The nasty, sticky, gross heat.


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:27:55

      I just didn’t have anything interesting to say. Hence, the quiet. But no, I’m still here.

      So, you’re saying that I’ll want to write again in, say, October? Ok, sounds good. 😉


  4. red
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 08:57:15

    I started following you for the Weekly Whacked. I know you took some heat for it at some point, but I hope it comes back! I enjoy your writing, too, but the Whacked is uniquely you.


  5. donofalltrades
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 09:02:57

    See now, your screw you guys, I may not write anymore post here was very good! I feel your pain about being a public servant burnt out on the job. Alas, the people need us, Misty. The people need us…

    Enjoy your vacation. I hope it’s relaxing in spite of your family being along.


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:55:25

      See, my intent wasn’t “I’m taking my toys and going home,” but somehow it ended up coming across that way. Oh well.

      That damn public. So damn needy.

      My family is rad. They are super fun and good for lots of stories.


  6. sarah9188
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 09:40:24

    The heat does seem to suck ideas out of my head at least. Check in on us occasionally since I may burn the house down while you’re gone. And enjoy that vacation when it comes; you deserve it.


  7. aliceatwonderland
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 09:57:00

    I think the blog blues is going around. I’m the same way. Creative juices gone dry? Could be. Yesterday I posted a picture of a hamburger bed. Worse, it was a recycled picture of a hamburger bed. Maybe I need a break . . .


    • She's a Maineiac
      Jul 09, 2013 @ 13:19:39

      I agree, the blogging blues have set in (like they tend to do in the summer…)


      • mistyslaws
        Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:57:35

        That’s why I mentioned that it might be the heat. I’ve seen others take breaks over the summer. Maybe now I’m realizing why. I started my blog in the summer, so I didn’t have that initially, and I was still going strong last year. But now . . . yeah, definite blues.


  8. agirlwhogames
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 11:24:37

    My blog has like 3 posts over the course of 2 years. You’re doing way better than I am!

    Thanks for the update on the status of your blog, though. It’s good to know that you’re posting sporadically because of heat/writer’s block/far edge of creative ebb/gremlins rather than a huge issue in your personal life. I was gettin’ worried.


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:59:16

      I figured I needed to check in. When you go from 3 posts a week a few months ago, then down to 2 posts a week recently, then . . . nothing for a few weeks. I figured people would start to wonder.

      And I think it’s definitely the gremlins. I MAY have given them a snack after midnight. Damn gremlins.


  9. thesinglecell
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 11:25:05

    Life in the Crock Pot. This happens to everyone. Or we get stuck in ruts of what we write about – like losing the Funny because there’s too much Fucked Up to write about instead. The thing about blogging without making any money off it is that the only pressure to post often is that which we create for ourselves. Let it go and it will come back. You’ll be around. So will we. In the meantime, enjoy your vacation!


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 16:00:59

      Thanks. Yeah, I’ve also noticed a significant lack of funny coming from me of late, even when I DID post. I think a rest is just what I need. Hopefully I’ll come back ready to write, and I’ll find the funny while I’m gone. They keep that in OC now, right? 😉


  10. Abby
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 12:48:19

    Thesinglecell sums it up well–the only pressure to post is that which we put on ourselves. With that said, I do the same damn thing and feel the same damn way. I’m not even sure how long I’ve been blogging–maybe 3 or 4 years?–and I started as a way to write for enjoyment instead of employment. I’m stuck doing that every day. So when it feel obligatory and stressful, I know that I should step back.

    Have I? Not really, but I think about it all the time and am worried I just don’t have much to say. Plus, it’s a big time/emotional investment, and when you have other obligations and bills, it’s hard to balance things out. This WHOLE ramble is to say that you’re so not alone. Do what makes your heart happy–or at least a little bit lighter–and know that this is YOUR blog. Post what you want, when you want, if you want. We’ll still be here. 🙂


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 16:03:11

      It’s nice to know I’m not alone and that everyone else gets where I’m coming from. It doesn’t help me with any new ideas, though. 😉

      Hey, I know . . . why don’t YOU write for me! You always have funny and creative ideas. I could use a little dose of that on this blog. It has been severely lacking as of late. Just a thought. I can pay in booze. Or chocolate. Whichever does it for you.


  11. She's a Maineiac
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 13:22:34

    Happy anniversary and happy bloggy break to you, Misty. I say ditto to singlecell’s comments. What you’ve expressed here so well is something I think most of us bloggers can relate to. Whatever it is you decide to do, we’ll be around. (well, I’ll maybe not be blogging much either, but I’ll never de-friend you on facebook!)


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 16:04:48

      Good to know that my lack of blogging will not be a cause for defriending. I was worried. :p

      I’ve seen you slow down in the summer before, so I know that this is not a unique concept to me. Hopefully we’ll both get back to it before long. The world needs our snarky smartass perspective, no? 😉


  12. emma5150
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 14:36:00

    I’m one of your “newbie followers”. I’m also a public servant, and I can see how you’ve gotten to this point. My burnout period has been about the six year mark, then it takes me a year to get back on track and enjoy getting up in the morning. I hope your “vacation” gets you back to what is important to you! If it is your blog (which I enjoy very much, by the way), or your job/career, or some other pursuit, whatever happens, happens. Remember to take care of YOU and those around you (i.e. those two little numbers, and your hubs). The friends you’ve made in the blogging world will still be your friends (from what I’ve read in the comments) and the rest of us, well….we’ll be here too. Hang in there…it’s worth it…
    signed – a public servant since 1986 (and kinda still lovin’ my job, except the hellish days, and sometimes the public thing, but I’m gettin’ over it)


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 16:07:38

      Thanks Emma. And it’s good to know you can relate to my public servant woes. I keep waiting to enjoy it again, but so far it’s just been a steady decline. I’m still trying to find what I want to do when I grow up. I started to think it was writing, but . . . well, you need to actually WRITE for that to happen, no? 😉

      Thanks for being one of my newbies and for the support! I hope to bring you some more content soon. 🙂


  13. PinotNinja
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 16:57:27

    How about you celebrate how kickass it is that you’ve been writing a blog for 3 years and been gainfully employed for 12 years? I know I’m impressed with you (and this isn’t just the sock monkey clad wine talking).

    Your goal for the next couple of weeks should be to get into some wild and ridiculous ocean shenanigans with your family, so that you can come back here and entertain all your friends with your crazy tales to get you through the post-vacation blues. Because you know what’s almost as good as vacation? Making your blog friends super jealous by telling them all about your vacation.


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 16:10:13

      I know. Like I said somewhere above, the post came off more woe is me than I had intended. I am lucky to be gainfully employed, and am happy to have been blogging for the last 2 years. But don’t think I don’t know that it’s totally the Noir talking! 😉

      I am sure to have many tales to regale the blogosphere with upon my return. My fam is crazy, in the best possible way. I can’t NOT have something to talk about from vacation. 🙂


  14. Vanessa-Jane Chapman
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 17:33:18

    Funny, I’ve only just started following you, although I’ve seen your feet popping up all over the place, and as I was reading this, I was thinking “Oh great timing!” and then you articulated my thoughts, ha! I had a slight downtime for a while on mine, but then I got my mojo back, I’m sure you will too.


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:31:15

      Yeah, I feel really bad about drying up at this point, since I know I got a few recent follows (that are presumably NOT spam!). I’m hopeful I will return soon. Don’t give up on me just yet! 🙂


  15. bluzdude
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 18:28:49

    Happy Blogiversary, my friend. Don’t worry about content… I’m buying whatever you’re selling. And that doesn’t even count baseball tickets…


  16. flyingplatypi
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 20:40:51

    Happy Blogoversary!!! I know those juices will be flowing again soon!!

    Seriously… I know where you live.




    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:33:28

      Hmm, methinks that sounded a bit threatening, Val. But I can’t imagine that would ever be YOUR intent. :p

      (Psst, September is approaching. Any plans I should know about? 😉


  17. Jess Witkins
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 20:46:06

    Misty, I WILL FIND YOU! If you’re not blogging, I will find you on Facebook, and if you’re not on FB, I will MAKE YOU join Twitter! RAWR!!! Someone who loves Singles and its soundtrack as much as I cannot just vacate the premises. Do you hear me?!

    I mean, Bon Voyage! See ya when ya get back! xoxo


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:35:10

      Wow, this post really brought out the talons from my otherwise sweet and sedate friends! 😉

      You will never get me on Twitter. I will probably return here, but tweeting ain’t gonna happen, sweet cheeks!


  18. Daile
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 21:13:31

    Enjoy your holidays and hopefully you come back refreshed and invigorated. Everyone needs a break and to readjust sometimes


  19. cynkingfeeling
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 09:27:33

    Maybe a blog vacation to go along with your “real” vacation is just the ticket.


  20. icescreammama
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 10:10:40

    sometimes time off is just what we need. you know what they say about absence.. enjoy the down time. 🙂


  21. Sam Merel
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 11:10:41

    I’m also suffering from a lack of ideas. I totally blame the heat. Congrats on your anniversary!


  22. pegoleg
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 11:47:59

    Do what feels right, Misty. For selfish reasons I hope you don’t abandon this fabulous blog, but I can soooo relate about the well running dry. I think we all go through phases like that. How about if you try to post now and then, no pressure? Whether pictures of people at their worst, or actual writing, I love what you have to offer!


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:39:39

      Thanks so much, Peg. That is really sweet of you to say. And unlike some of my OTHER blogging buds (you know who you are!) you didn’t resort to threats of dragging me out of my home by my hair to keep me blogging! 🙂

      I hope the break will help and I’ll be back to entertain and amuse.


  23. katbiggie
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 14:22:25

    I can identify a lot with this. If it feels like too much of a chore, a break is a good thing. You should definitely try the mind mapping technique from one of the earlier days of the 31 DBBB challenge. It helps to get the juices flowing.


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:41:34

      There are so many techniques that I should probably try (journaling, just writing, meditation, drinking . . . I added that last one), but it never seems like I have the time or inclination to attempt them. Except for the drinking. Always time for that! 😉

      Thanks for the suggestion, though. I may have to look into it if the break doesn’t prompt the ole creative juices to get ta flowing.


  24. ateachablemom
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 15:13:27

    You aren’t alone, Misty. I always think pushing through is the answer but it never has been for me. Hope you enjoy your recharge!


  25. mannahattamamma
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 17:17:26

    I’ve had these thoughts too about blogging and I’m of two minds about it: on the one hand, true, we start & maintain these blogs because we love to write and it’s a good record of our lives & the community…so we don’t want the obligation. And then again, I think to myself, I think “self, if you’re serious about this writing thing, then…um…your job is to write. Even if the idea fairy isn’t around to whack you on the head all the time.” So that’s my dilemma, which I now leave on your page so that we can *share* this dilemma! You’re welcome : )


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:43:48

      Thanks for sharing your dilemma with me. As if I didn’t already have ENOUGH to deal with! 😉

      I totally get that, though, and it’s where I am as well. I don’t want to let down my “fans” but I also still WANT to write. I just don’t know how to make that happen right now. Tis a problem, indeed.


  26. joannerambling
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 18:41:28

    Have a break and come back and tell us all about your holiday just remember many of us have needed breaks from our blogs. We will be here when you return


  27. Marcy
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 21:11:20

    I’ve been blogging about the same amount of time, and my interests have ebbed and flowed as well. I think it’s best not to force it, and you might find that a break recharges your interest and gives you a lot to say again. And if it doesn’t, that’s OK, too, to just check in when you have something to say.


  28. Larks
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 21:27:42

    This happens to me too. I really do think it’s an ebb and flow type situation so here’s hoping you’re at the outer edge of your ebb and you’ll ease back into flow soon. Have fun on your vacation!


  29. Linda Roy
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 01:06:54

    I’m going through the same thing. I finally posted to the yeah write grid this week after a five week absence because I’ve just been so overwhelmed lately. Summer and a major blog overhaul (changed my name and moved to self hosted wordpress). I usually have a ton of things to say – but lately not so much. I never thought to write about having trouble writing. That’s brilliant – and I feel the same way. Take time to recharge those batteries and we’ll be here when you’re all charged up!


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:48:14

      I’m not sure if it’s so much brilliant, as it is whiney and woe is me. Not exactly what I was intending with it, but there you go. And in fact, I just wrote it as a “this is what’s happening” post, and had no intention of including it in the grid, as I didn’t think it was good enough or fit. But, I was asked to submit it, so I did. Good to know so many people relate. At least I don’t feel alone in it. Thanks!


  30. Joseph Cereola
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 05:13:16

    Vacation has been helping me a bit, a lot of ideas but much less writing.


  31. Shanique Roca (@Le_Willow_Wimp)
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 10:32:07

    Happy Blogiversary. Hope you get your mojo back


  32. From Novels to Board Books
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 12:14:59

    You deserve a blog-free vacation. Have a great time! I can’t wait to read the stories you write when you return. Because there will be a lot to write about. One can’t get together with extended family and not have a story or three to share. And congrats on reaching a blogging milestone! You might enjoy my friend’s post “The 10 Phases of a One-Year Blogger: A Farewell Letter” But DON’T SAY GOODBYE TO US! Okay?


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 16:25:45

      Oh yes, the fam always prompts some stories. They are insane. But wonderful.

      That post is right on. Those phases are all things I’ve gone or am going through (except the relief phase . . . not yet). But I will return. You haven’t seen the last of me yet! 🙂


  33. nataliedeyoung
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 13:04:41

    Sometimes we need breaks. It’s true in life, it’s true in blogging. Take time to be refreshed.


  34. Cheryl Talma (@GTMothersSoul)
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 15:32:19

    I so get what you are talking about – and my blog is only a year old. Sometimes life gets in the way, and other times, we just need a break. Take good care of you 🙂


  35. joeinvegas
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 16:16:25

    After twelve years you don’t like your job? What’s going on there? (I know, hard to make things public)


    • mistyslaws
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 16:29:17

      Yeah, it’s too hard to explain without details. But I’m pretty much just burned out from what I do. It is a lot to deal with. Soul crushing, basically. Like I said, hard to explain.


  36. JM Randolph
    Jul 12, 2013 @ 09:43:25

    I hope by now you can see that you’re not alone in all this (you see how often I’ve posted lately). You’ve had some excellent comments here that I don’t need to repeat, but I’m gonna call you on one thing: it’s time to look at the job, chica. Vacation is the perfect time to check in about that. And you don’t even have to look at it logically and all pro-and-con like (though I suspect your brain works that way). But tap in to how you feel. It is not a requirement that you get your soul crushed five (or six) days a week just to get to vacation once a year. You’re worth more that that.


  37. about100percent
    Jul 12, 2013 @ 12:43:20

    I hope you find your juices to flow freely again. I really enjoy your writing. It’s funny and wry and real and just good. Don’t worry about the pretentious sentences. Sometimes those weird words just get in there, you know?

    Happy vacation!


  38. Pam Huggins
    Jul 12, 2013 @ 22:05:29

    Happy Anniversary! I’m new here and I love your writing. I’m subscribing- so once you get renewed, I look forward to reading more. Even with nothing to say- you said it great!


  39. Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 12:52:10

    I’m up at the two year mark in September and I feel the same way. Maybe it’s like how the honeymoon phase of love only last two years then you actually have to work at it.


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