Bloggers, Bronies and Baseball

Last Friday was a pretty eventful day.  As opposed to my normal eight and a half hours of doldrums on the last day of the work week, usually spent trapped in my office at my hellish job, there was instead a bit of excitement.  The day prior, I had discovered that a blogger friend would be in my area on Friday.  So, of course, because I’m obnoxious, I mandated that she meet up with me when she passed through my town.  I am very demanding that way!

We went back and forth for a while as to how and when it would happen, which consisted of her asking me if I wanted to meet for a cocktail (um, yeah I do!), and me realizing that we weren’t going to be able to meet after work because she already had dinner plans with some family.  Thus, it came down to me “taking a late lunch,” aka walking downtown to meet in the afternoon for a drink.  And yes, I was going to drink during the workday.  God bless America.

I felt it my duty to warn Jess Witkens, that upon her arrival in my fair city, she might encounter some strangeness.  Even more so than the normal craziness of leggings and boobs hanging out everywhere.  No, this was a very special weekend.  The BronyCon was in town.  What are Bronies you ask?  Well, that is a very good question.  Basically, it is grown men who are huge fans of My Little Pony.  No, really.  And not ironically, either.  But in a pay lots of money for airfare and hotel in a city that will host a bunch of pony loving men, convening to do who knows what (um, role play, apparently), for 3 days straight.  Oh, and did I mention that they dress up?  Yeah, hence the warning.

IMG_4841 IMG_4845 IMG_4852 IMG_4869

When I met Jess and her boyfriend, Joe, the first thing I noticed about her, besides the fact that she is super adorable, is that she is tiny.  As in, I could put her in my pocket and carry her around, tiny.  She was cute as a button!  Since it was later in the day, and nobody was too hungry, we all ordered a drink and just some sushi to share.  Living in Wisconsin, they don’t get to experience good sushi with fresh seafood very often, so this was a good choice for this landlocked pair.

We were only able to visit for a short period of time, since I unfortunately had to go back to work, but in that time, we bonded over a mutual love of Halloween, music and travel.  Before we had to say goodbye (sniff!), Jess and I were able to get a picture of the two of us . . . along with one of our furry little friends.


Thanks for letting me hijack some of your time while you were in town, Jess!  Hope you and Joe enjoyed your brief time in my wacky little city.

After work, I met the family at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  This will have been my FOURTH baseball game this year!  That must be some sort of record.  I think I went once last year, and may have gone more times this year than the previous ten years combined.  Then again, the Orioles sucked a lot in recent years past, so it wasn’t all that much fun hanging out to watch them lose so much.  It’s a bit more fun now.

Before the game, we had dinner at Dempsey’s, which is a restaurant that is inside the Park, but right outside the actual stadium proper.  They have fabulous food.  I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s worth repeating . . . bacon, on a stick:


Not just the fab food, but we got to sit outside with a view of the goings on, out and around the stadium.  Along with it being a lovely night, it wasn’t a bad view at all.


Once we finished our meals, we went into the stadium proper to head up to our seats.  Talk about a nice view.  This is from the outfield wall, which we travelled by on our way to our seats.  We just had to stop for a few moments to enjoy the scene.


It was even better when we got to see Nate McLouth (of personally handing my son a foul ball fame) hit a grand slam home run later in the evening, which had the crowd on its feet and in hysterics.  Did I mention a bit more fun?  Yep.  Thanks, O’s!

Oh, and just because of the What the F*ck of it all . . . a bonus picture I came across on the wonderful world wide web of wackiness in regards to that whole Brony thing above.  Please to enjoy:

Picture 10406


42 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donofalltrades
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 08:46:44

    There’s a lot going on here! I may have to absorb some of this before I can make a suitable comment. Yes, I shall return after some mental absorption.


    • Brown Road Chronicles
      Aug 06, 2013 @ 09:02:35

      Yes, there is a lot going on here. But there’s also bacon on a stick, displayed in a bunch of empty beer bottles. What else do we need? Other than maybe more FULL beer bottles.


      • mistyslaws
        Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:06:04

        That’s how they serve them! In a six pack of empties. Gives “recycling” a whole new meaning! And don’t worry . . . there were full bottles on the table as well. Just no pics. Sorry, next time I’ll provide more beer porn. Per your request.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:04:59

      Don! You promised a return, but you did not. I fear you forgot.

      Don’t you . . . forget about me. I’ll be alone. Dancing, you know it baby.


  2. thoughtsappear
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 09:23:18

    Thank you for explaining the Brony thing. I kept seeing the term and didn’t know what it meant.


  3. renée a. schuls-jacobson
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 09:52:58

    So jealous. I almost got to meet you. Does that count for anything? My son is good friends with a serious “brony.” I wonder if he’d be into the wig thing. I don’t think he realizes there are conventions. Yet.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:07:36

      Well, since it’s not a horseshoe or handgranade, I’m gonna have to say . . . nope. You’re just gonna have to plan to meet me some other time!

      I think it takes a very specific type of boy to be into the wig thing. Hopefully, he is not that boy. But then again, live and let live.


  4. pegoleg
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 10:10:19

    Bronies??? I don’t know what to say.

    I’m jealous of all the fab blogger meeting going on, but glad that you had such a wonderful day.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:08:40

      See Peg? That’s what happens when you pay attention to people’s facebook postings, and see that they are traveling to your area. Might be a handy trick the next time you are in, oh I don’t know, say jolly old England? :p


  5. about100percent
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 10:31:18

    Because my daughter is a serious “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” fan, I’ve been aware of the Brony culture for some time now and am not surprised that they now have a conference. How lucky for you that this is in your town! It’s a thing. It really is.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:09:29

      I didn’t believe it myself until I saw it with my own eyes. I am now a true believer. I am also completely skeeved out, but I believe nonetheless.


  6. sarah9188
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 11:33:52

    Bronies… *shudder* The Ravens and now Bronies? Man, some people have all the luck. Lol.

    Oh, and auto correct wants to change Bronies to Brownies. A much better alternative, me thinks.


  7. Fresh Ginger
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 11:43:32

    I learned something new today: Bronies. Hmmm … since I was not a fan of My Little Pony back in the day, I have a total loathing feeling for this. A whole convention of them?? Gross. I much prefer bacon on a stick. mmmmm … bacon


  8. bluzdude
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 13:32:43

    Aww, you got to see colorful Bronies. The only Bronies I saw on Saturday (on the way to the game) were a bunch of pale, skinny 20-somethings, all of whom were wearing black t-shirts. It was like they were going to a Twilight convention.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:11:24

      I saw those, too. But they aren’t as fun to show pictures of. If you were to look closely, you probably would have seen a whimsical picture of a prancing unicorn or pegasus on most of those shirts. That’s what I saw.


  9. andrea-maybe it's just me
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 17:18:23

    My gosh Rainbow Dash has really let her/himself go!!! I hope Pinkie Pie has faired better and that Kimono is on the case as usual. (AAAAAAnd that is admitting just about enough of my pony knowledge.)

    I love your smiling toes ladies!


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:12:10

      You are really scaring me right now with all of that knowledge. There are some things you don’t want people to know you know. This is probably one of them. 😉


  10. Vesta Vayne
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 18:59:59

    Girl I really thought your were joking with the Brony thing. Google proved me so very, very wrong.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:13:27

      How could you doubt me? I would never lie to you. I even had photographic evidence!

      That’s ok, I didn’t believe it until the morning I saw a purple bewigged boy with a horn coming out of the top of his head walking on the street past my building. I get it. We’re cool.


  11. flyingplatypi
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 20:17:30


    What has this world come to? They had better come back in VALTEMBER.




    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:14:37

      I’m pretty sure it’s a once a year thing. I don’t think this city could take more frequent Bronyism than that! They congregate in other places, though. Look out for them in a city near you!


  12. gregschina
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 22:32:34

    My like is for the disturbing my little ponies group. So odd!!


  13. joannerambling
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 22:36:22

    I think if my blog friends met me in real life away from my blog they might find me boring……………………because I have a pretty average life


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:15:44

      Believe me, I don’t not hold any prizes for World’s Most Exciting Blogger. But it’s still fun to get to see people you only ever talk to online!


  14. Mayor Gia
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 06:51:58

    Bronies are into my little pony in a sexy way right? Isn’t it a weird sex thing? My coworker and I just told our other coworker about this not to long ago. She reacted appropriately.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:16:41

      If by that, you mean with a slightly horrified and confused look, then yes. Appropriate.

      If you asked them, they would probably say it isn’t about sex. Pretty sure they’d be lying out of their Brony asses.


  15. The Cutter
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 08:56:55

    My daughter LOVES My Little Pony, which means I have seen quite a few episodes of the show. I was tempted to take her to BronyCon, but then I became worried with what I – and she – would see there. Her mind is a little too young to be warped.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:17:31

      Neither of you are ready for that level of Bronyism. They have role playing rooms. Day long role playing dress up rooms. Yeah. Stay away. Stay far far away.


  16. PinotNinja
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 17:08:03

    Back up the truck. You saw real-live Bronys, an internet buddy, a gremlin, bacon on a stick IN DELICIOUS BEER BOTTLES, and a baseball game all in one day? Who are you? A unicorn?

    I would like your life. Please. Now. Thank you.


  17. Lisha @ The Lucky Mom
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 18:07:06

    Wow! Your day sounds more exciting than Ferris Bueller’s famous Day Off! And how exciting that you got to meet Jess! I got to meet the world-famous blogger renée a. schuls-jacobson, so I know what a buzz it can be when a friend steps out of the internet and into real life!


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:20:11

      I came this close to meeting Renee when I as in Florida this year. So, since you’ve met her, I now officially have to hate you a little bit! 😉

      And sadly, I did not get to lipsynch to Wayne Newton while riding a float down the city street in a parade. That would have been pretty awesome, though.


  18. joeinvegas
    Aug 08, 2013 @ 12:29:35

    Bacon on a stick! One reason to like baseball.


  19. Baseball Brony
    Aug 14, 2013 @ 04:04:44

    I typed “baseball brony” into bing and came across this. I just wanted to drop a comment here. I am a baseball player and a brony. Unfortunately I my favorite team is the Yankees (because of Derek Jeter) but I have some room for the Orioles considering my step dad is an O’s fan and I just love baseball in general. Since my step dad is an Orioles fan and I am a brony we had planned to go to the three days of Bronycon and three O’s games. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. The things you find on the internet… anyway, have a great day.


    • mistyslaws
      Aug 23, 2013 @ 14:57:10

      Wow. So I am now the preeminate authority on all things baseball and brony, huh? Quite an honor, I say! 😉

      As a Brony, I hope you weren’t offended by any of this. It was all in good fun! And just think . . . even though you didn’t get to experience it in person, this post pretty much covered it. And you didn’t even have to pay for airfare!! 🙂


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