I Got Banged

It was time. 
A girl can only go so long in her life without experimenting a bit.  
And really, the last time it happened to me, I was just a kid!  Not yet ensconced in the mire of habit and predictability. 
So, I did it.  I went a little wild and crazy, and did something different. 
And I don’t regret it.  
Nope, I’m gonna own it, loud and proud.  I don’t care what kind of labels people may attach to me now that I’ve made the move.  Maybe it’s for the best, after all.  Shows me who my true friends are. 
And I’ll tell you . . . I feel different.  As if this one act of daring has somehow changed me forever.  It feels good to be bad. 
And lest you judge me, I have to tell you that I just couldn’t do it the same way again.  It was enough!  The same old boring up and down, just the usual, trim and blow I always have.  I’m beyond that.  
It’s a new me.  And I feel no shame.
Before . . .

Before . . .


I’m not what you would call a high-maintenance, stylish, Real Housewife kind of girl.  I would consider my style as professional (for work) and comfortable (for home).  There’s not a lot of in between.  Very, very rarely I will wear a dress, but when that happens, it pretty much means that someone is getting married. 

Same thing with my hair.  I get it cut about every six months.  I’ve been going to the same stylist for the last 10 years or so, and each time I go, I basically tell her to do the same thing, with very little variation.  Although, I do consistently ask her to cut it a little bit shorter each time.  She mostly acquiesces, with only the slightest amount of resistance.  Usually, she throws some layers in there, just to give it a little oomph, and I routinely walk out of the salon, looking like this:

Picture 3519 Picture 3796

Lather, rinse, repeat . . . literally. 

I can usually tell when it’s about time to get a cut, because people will start making comments about how long my hair is getting.  Anything approaching shoulder length is “long” for me.  And usually, I get fed up with the  maintenance and blow drying time long before the comments start.  But something was different this time.  I kind of liked the length.  True, I still hated the styling part, but it had gotten so long this time, that I could actually pull it back without it looking goofy, which is not something I am normally able nor willing to do.  Especially at work. 

Picture 12211

Me, at work. In what is essentially a ponytail. Crazy, right?

But, I knew I needed to do something to it, as it was getting a bit unwieldy, what with all the dead ends and such (one very significant drawback to bi-yearly cuttings).  Plus, I had that most magical of days off, Veteran’s Day, where I normally run errands while most of the rest of the country is working or at school.  (Thanks vets!!).  So, I decided that this would be the perfect time to pay a visit to my stylist.

I went in knowing what I was going to do. At some point, the idea had begun brewing around in my head, and now I just needed to be brave enough to pull the trigger.  My stylist was delighted when I told her I wanted to keep it long, with no layers and . . . bangs!  She may have giggled and clapped.  Adorable. 

The reactions have been mixed from family, friends and colleagues.  And even from myself!  One minute, I think it’s awesome, and the next I wonder who that girl is in the mirror wearing the Cleopatra wig.  The hubs’ first reaction was that it was “different,” and when I asked if he liked it, he said yes, but when I followed up with, “would you tell me if you didn’t?” he responded, “probably not.”  This ain’t his first rodeo.

Here are some other reactions I received:

– “You daring hot mama!” 
– “Sassy.”
– “A new you.  Very cute!”
– “Oooh, I like it!!”
– “You look 10 years younger” (to which I replied, “Oh, 28.  I’ll take it!” . . . to which she said, “Oh, you’re that old???”  Um, thanks?)
– Male colleague standing in my doorway quietly laughing . . . Me: “Don’t just stand there laughing at me, it’s very rude!”  Him:  “No!  It’s just that I’ve never seen you be daring before.  You always just do the same thing.  And . . . . It’s not as fluffy.”

Whether it turns out to be a good idea, or bad, it comes down to this . . . it will eventually grow back.  It’s only hair, after all.


52 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thoughtsappear
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 08:55:13

    I like it! I’m like you. I like low maintenance hair. My stylist gives me what she calls “side bangs.”


  2. Samantha Brinn Merel
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 09:02:02

    Wow, I LOVE it!


  3. PigLove
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 09:04:38

    I love it. Mommy got banged not too long ago as well. It’s a great style my friend! You rock it! XOXO – Bacon


  4. rachelocal
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 09:43:31

    I just got banged too, Misty! Feels good, doesn’t it?


  5. Go Jules Go
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 09:56:29

    I LOVE it! I happen to think your haircut WAS sassy and trendy before (in a good way, natch) – and you just upped the ante.

    Your coworker seems to be giving this a lot of thought. Methinks he likes the new Misty, too!


    • mistyslaws
      Dec 03, 2013 @ 13:47:24

      Aw, thanks. Maybe sassy and trendy for a while there, but it was the same ole thing for the last many years. I needed a change.

      He’s . . . well, I’ve written about him before. So, it’s probably best to leave it there.


  6. TheOtherLisa
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 09:58:35

    Wow. Very nice.


  7. brickhousechick
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 10:41:31

    SO chick, Misty! I like it! But, you should probably get a new make up artist – I think this one used too much concealer. LOL. 🙂


  8. Don't Quote Lily
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 11:01:05

    Go you! For the past 3 years, I’ve been getting the same thing, over and over. Always thinking I’ll change, but I never do. Maybe this time. I really should go…it’s been WAY more than 6 months. Oops.


  9. Fresh Ginger
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 11:28:47

    Very sassy. I just did the same thing — different style. Oh. Does that mean I need to update my 10 year old avatar? Probably.


  10. donofalltrades
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 12:34:22

    Nice, Misty! I’ll not be snarky about your distorted face as somebody beat me to it. Rats…


  11. The Cotton Floozy
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 13:30:36

    Love it. You have perfect thick hair. I once had bangs, but because my hair is so fine and thin, by the end of the day, my “bangs” looked like an old man’s sweaty mustache.


    • mistyslaws
      Dec 03, 2013 @ 13:51:57

      Actually, I have thin hair but a good amount of it. And yes, the bangs do tend to separate and look weird by the end of the day. I’m getting used to maintaining them.


  12. hiddinsight
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 14:05:16

    LOOKS GREAT!!! Way to go 🙂


  13. bluzdude
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 15:02:53

    “. . . it will eventually grow back. ”

    Um, not in MY experience…


  14. Aussa Lorens
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 15:08:48

    I must be super tired because it took me waaaay too long to realize you were talking about your hair! I was like like “wapow! she got some lovin’!”


  15. icescreammama
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 16:40:38

    i think it looks bangin!!


  16. Vesta Vayne
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 18:24:17

    I love it! Bangs are awesome, especially in the winter when there’s no humidity.


  17. sarah9188
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 20:24:38

    Ooooh, Misty’s hair! I’m with you on the shoulder-length is long. I love it. I’m still trying to process the fact that this is a non-foot shot of you. Whoa.


  18. joannerambling
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 21:24:39

    I changed my hairstyle a year ago for a while but it is back to what it was, just thought I would throw that in, your hair looks good………


  19. PinotNinja
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 22:29:13

    This was a fabulous idea! I love the edge of the blunt bangs and the blunt cut and the darker shade. Still sleek enough to keep things professional at work, but rock star enough to give you some edge when you’re out on the weekends. I’m totally jealous — I’ve been dying for bangs but my super curly hair would require way too many minutes of flat ironing to pull it off.


  20. flyingplatypi
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 22:53:27

    You look amazing! I can’t wait to see it In person next week!!

    (Come on Father Time!!! Move yo ass!! )




  21. jenniferjuneclarkj
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 00:21:51

    I go back and forth with bangs. But, I think I’m going back next haircut. At my age, it’s bangs or Botox.

    I think the new look is great!


  22. agirlwhogames
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 15:40:04

    Looks great – and your color is amazing! I banged a couple of years ago and I LOVE it – a little hairspray and they become side bangs, a couple bobby pins and I don’t have bangs anymore.


  23. JM Randolph
    Nov 15, 2013 @ 08:36:28

    I think it’s badass. Bangs are a statement, for sure. You’re rockin’ it!


  24. Jess Witkins
    Nov 17, 2013 @ 15:23:54

    Love it! I’m all for experimenting with hair. After all, it does grow back. I think a sassy new ‘do can give a girl a whole new outlook and a little extra courage (as long as you trust your stylist). Kudos, Misty! You look awesome!


  25. Stumbling Towards Perfect
    Nov 19, 2013 @ 23:22:42

    I absolutely love it!!! LOVE!!!!


  26. about100percent
    Nov 23, 2013 @ 20:17:37

    Oooooh! I love it!! My husband does not do well with hairdo changes, either, by the way. Once he lamented “Why don’t you get the same haircut twice in a row?”


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